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 good news bad news

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Paolo Posteraro

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PostSubject: good news bad news   Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:59 pm

just some topics i found intresting as i read through the magazine.
1) one study showed that people who imagined eating a lot of food, one bite at a time, later ate about half as much of that food as those who did not
2)EPA found that training pigs to use the toilets can reduce the amount of wasteweater from pig farms by as much as 80%
3) a trail that has recently released a modified mosquito has fully reduced the local population of the dengue fever carrying insects in the grand cayman islands.

Bad News
1) shows that jet lag may lost longer than people think. using hamsters in their test showed that it disrupted their light cycle for 25 days and impaired performance up to four weeks later.
2) a species of iron eating insects is consuming the wreck of the Titanic, they believe if this continues the wreck may disappear in about 15 years.
3)study shows that 1.3 million students in USA, that most test scores gains achieved by students of top teachers fade within a year.

some interesting facts about the world today.
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PostSubject: Re: good news bad news   Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:38 pm

your just grinding it out for that five percent this month hey? hahahaha

interesting stuff man. The food one can help alot of ppl out cause one of the major leading health problems is obesity!!!
That toilet thing is just messed up so im not even gonna comment....
And doesnt jet lag effect people differently? i could be wrong but when i went to india for a month with my family. I recovered faster than my parents did. Maybe age has an effect

crazy stuff
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good news bad news
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