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 why do we need screens at all? page 32

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Ashley Sarauer

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PostSubject: why do we need screens at all? page 32   Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:20 pm

i found this article really intriguing because it talks about something that is becoming more and more centralized in our society... technology. this article's focus is on developing new methods of viewing media. the first part of the article talks about how they are trying to develop LCD screens on contact lenses. this pretty much blew my mind. i mean i wear contacts everyday and i could never imagine there being little images dancing around my vision.

In a personal connection to this article... i remember writing a short story back in grade 8. i remember i was sooo proud of my story because the teacher read it to the class and got a group discussion going on it. my story was futuristic and it was about a man who lived in a society that was controlled by technology. it was mandatory for everyone to get computers for eyes. the man never wanted to lose his real eyes and comform to what everyone else was doing. before the procedure the doctor assures the man that the probability for the technology to malfunction is so low that he shouldnt have a single worry. the irony of the story is that later that week, after his eye surgury his "new eyes" malfunction and he becomes completely blind. stumbling around he accidentally walks onto the tracks of a maglev train and gets hit.

so when i read this article i thought it was crazy that scientists were already leading towards technologY that can enable you to watch moving images right on top of your own vision.
if they could actually develop this technology (they have a few kinks to still work out) then i think it would have a lot of good benefits... but i think im more concerned about what kind of negative affects it could have on us. i could see people getting as obsessed with tv screens on their contacts as they do with their blackberries and iphones... people get sucked in. i can just picture how people would immerse themselves so much into technology that they forget regular social skills such as holding a persons eye contact while they talk to you.
i just feel like we are moving in a direction of less meaningful stuff... moving towards a more materialistic society...
i feel like we are moving towards a society where people dont look out the window but rather check their phone to find out the weather... sure it might take you a good 5 seconds to actually get off your butt and walk over there... but at least you are forming your own conclusions rather than believing all the opinions and bias' that everyone else is trying to shove at you.
People need to get out into the world and experience life through their OWN EYES.
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Amy Chu

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PostSubject: why do we need screens at all? page 32   Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:05 pm

I agree with you, there are so many of us who rely on technology. Technology is everywhere, We are always exposed to it some way or another, that's why technology affects everyone in some way, some may completely rely on technology, while others may use technology to simply to make a task easier. I can already picture people staying at home all day, since everything they need is already provided at home for them. This is very bad, since it may result in people not being active and they will stay at home most of the time, and when they choose to step out of their personal space they will not know what has been happening outside their house, and they may feel isolated. It's true that advanced technology has made our lives so much better, but it makes humans look dead, I mean we are letting technology take over everything. For example, before technology was available to us, people would just walk up to their friends to say hi, and they can physically see their friends actions ( tone of voice, body movements), but now people choose to call their friends, yes they can still hear their friends voice, but they don't know how their friend is actually feeling, they can't physically see their face, and over the phone, people can pretend to be happy and you'll believe it since they sound happy.

I honestly think the idea of having images right in front of our eyes is a amazing new technology, but there are just so many negative effects from this new idea. Also, Technology itself isn't bad, it is the people that use and abuse it.

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why do we need screens at all? page 32
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