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 Evolution of weapons

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Alexandra Livingstone

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PostSubject: Evolution of weapons   Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:42 pm

http:/ /www .bbc.c technology-16810107

After reading this,I have to think about whether or not this is a good idea. We aretalking about something that could bypass the defense of others easily. Yeah, it would be good for us (north America) to have this technology, we could win more battles with less deaths for us. But taking hints from history, don't they think about the consequences of their actions? What if the enemy gets a hold of the schematics? We wouldn't have a defense against this weapon, so wouldn't it lead to more death ,not less? Or what if they find a defense against it, and turn fight us with a similar weapon? We would be killed by our own creation. Yes we are continuing science and making new discoveries, but should we progress for the sake of progress? For there doesn't seem to be any other reason.

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Ashley Bacchus

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PostSubject: Re: Evolution of weapons   Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:33 pm

Oh lovely, the US has created yet another way to kill people. Honestly, I think the wars that Canada and especially the US are involved in are pointless. Why must we keep sending soldiers over to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to die and waste millions of dollars on military expenses. I suppose the notion of a self-guiding bullet is impressive. It uses tiny fins to steer and has an optical sensor in its nose to detect a laser illuminated target. With regular gunpowder the bullet can travel at 2,400ft per second. The article mentions that it could be sold to the public. I donít think this would be a good idea at all. If they develop this technology it should be used strictly for the military. In the military, it could be used for hostage situations and other conditions. We donít need regular people having the opportunity to buy something like this, it could cause many problems. There are lots of bad people in Canada and the US and they could use this bullet to really harm people. And as you mentioned Alexandra, if enemies obtained this technology it could be disastrous for us and it would be difficult to find a defense against this bullet, especially since the accuracy increases with distance. It would be hard to find the person who shot the bullet because they can be so far away.
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Evolution of weapons
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