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 Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'

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Belinda Ongaro

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PostSubject: Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'   Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:21 am
The article above discusses the recent technological accomplishment made by Boston Dynamics, with funding provided by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. According to Darpa, the 4 legged robot dubbed "Cheetah", whose running motion mimics that of fast-moving animals in the wild, has set a new robot land speed record of 18mph (29km/h), defeating the former record holder, at 13.1 mph, by a long shot. But the researchers behind the Cheetah have much bigger plans for their rapid robot. Within a year we can expect to see a similar robot that is free running (the current model is dependent on a hydraulic pump), and in four years, a robot that can run in a zigzag pattern and stop abruptly. Ultimately, the goal is to utilize these robots in a war setting where their faster than human speed will provide a significant advantage over enemies. Unfortunately, one limitation of all artificial intelligence diminishes the robots potential; the ability to distinguish between enemies and civilians. I hope to see this technology put to use in various, non-violent, settings in the near future!
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Nicholas Kelly

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PostSubject: Re: Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'   Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:14 pm

I believe that this is a major advancement in our time, this can be used in so many different ways, if in the hands of the right people. For example for emergency and medical services this could make an immense difference in saving and better lives for people as a whole. As long as this is used for the common good of the people, this is a perfect invention to help better the lives of all people. afro
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Suzanne Sawatski

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PostSubject: Re: Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'   Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:33 pm

As Nicholas said, this is a major advancement. With more time and research we may even be able to break this new record in the near future. As mentioned, this technology is can be used in war settings, supplying an advantage over the enemy.
However this techonolgy can also lead to advancements in other areas. This robot, "Cheetah", was design after real animals and is effective in mimicing their movements. With the knowledge of how to create a robot which moves like a real living animal, we one day may be able to create more effective articial limbs. Through mimicing human movement, science potential could build more life like arms and legs for individuals who have lost those parts. This would allow individuals to live a better life and not be limited by their disability.
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PostSubject: Re: Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'   

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Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'
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