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 Graphene Used To View Liquids

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Cassidy Mozak

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PostSubject: Graphene Used To View Liquids   Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:01 pm

Graphene contains a flat layer of carbon atoms that are positioned extremely close together. This material is now being used to hold liquids that scientists wish to study under transmission electron microscopes. As opposed to materials previously used to hold these liquids, like silicon nitride or silicon oxide, Graphene is practically transparent which allows scientists a clearer window to view phenomena that occurs in liquids. With scientists being able to see reactions and processes in liquids better, new research leading to scientific knowledge will become available. When I think about this, I think of the many biological advances that could be made as almost all biological processes, like mitosis and parts of DNA replication, occur in a liquid in cells known as the cytoplasm. I also think about chemical advances that could be made as reactions occuring in aqueous environments can now be observed and stages of reactions could be added and used to better explain why certain products form. Certainly the research and information that come from the use of Graphene will be beneficial to the all areas of the scientific world.
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Ashley Bacchus

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PostSubject: Re: Graphene Used To View Liquids   Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:51 pm

This is quite an interesting discovery. At first I kind of wondered how being able to see liquids clearer would help us but you made some valid points Cassidy. Both the chemical and biological advances that could be made would be beneficial to us. The one mentioned in the article about it being used to improve memory in electronic devices intrigues me the most. By using an atomic force microscope they could switch the direction of a thin filmís electric charge. Itís called flexoelectricity. It would allow digital information to be written mechanically but read electrically which would use less power. I think an advancement like this could change technology. Companies are always competing with each other to find new ways to improve their devices and this would certainly provide an advantage. To be able to make products that use less power and have better memory? Yep those products would definitely sell.
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Graphene Used To View Liquids
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