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 Rewritable DNA memory shown off

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Isaac Menghisteab

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PostSubject: Rewritable DNA memory shown off   Tue May 22, 2012 7:03 pm

Biological computer systems are something straight out of a science fiction novel. Despite the incredulity of such an idea bio-engineers from Stanford University have taken a tentative first step towards the development of 'bio-computers'. The researchers have manipulated short sections of E.Coli DNA and used two specific proteins to flip them in one of two directions, effectively turning these sections into bits(switches) that can be combined to form one byte of data. The value of each bit is determined when illuminated as the sections of DNA with a binary value glows either red or green. This is by no means a complete computing process and I think it is ahead of it's time to be honest, but it does have potential. Being able to store data in the DNA of cells that remains intact even as the cell duplicates numerous times could be incredibly useful studying cancers and apparently studying aging too. To sum it up, this technology is 'cool' but right now it awaits further scientific advancements before its potential is fully realized.
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Rewritable DNA memory shown off
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