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 Super Soup test in asthma trial

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Jordan Nesselbeck

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PostSubject: Super Soup test in asthma trial   Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:30 pm

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In my opinion for the most part the extra vitamin E intake during pregnancy to help prevent asthma to the child is more of another developing myth. I'm not saying that I disbelieve the study it's just that people have been giving these simple remedies for different problems or diseases for years and they generally do not create a huge difference, because the problem usually goes so much deeper then just not enough of certain vitamins. By adding vitamin E to a prevent mothers diet it may help develop the babies lungs better but it could never be a cure all thing because asthma has been said to be both hereditary and caused by environmental factors. Also according to research Generally vitamin E is a vitamin that people can get suffcients amount of from in a regular diet. Although adding more vitamin E may be helpful too much could cause problems with blood clotting (in rare cases) Vitamin e helps to create smooth muscles and red blood cells so shouldnt even taking it as a child help then too and not just at birth.
Birth is suppose to be a natural thing so shouldn't the diets of pregnant mothers remain natural as well without adding specialy vitamin e enhanced soups to their diets?
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Super Soup test in asthma trial
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